Residential Appraisal

ProLogic Valuation specializes in residential appraisals throughout Georgia, Florida and Colorado, including secondary markets. Their team offers comprehensive valuation services for a wide range of residential properties, from single-family homes to multi-family dwellings. They prioritize accuracy, efficiency, and client satisfaction, delivering detailed appraisal reports within a short turnaround time. With their expertise and streamlined processes, ProLogic Valuation empowers clients with the information they need to make informed real estate decisions. They also offer rush orders for residential properties within 1 day (12 hours).

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ProLogic Valuation has partnered with Home Inspection VR. HomeInspectionVR offers professional inspection services. HUD certified, inspection services, completed with drone photography and videography services for real estate, capturing high-resolution aerial images and videos that showcase properties from unique perspectives. Our inspectors are thoroughly trained,  FAA-certified pilots ensure safe and compliant operations, delivering visually stunning content for marketing, documentation, or analysis purposes. Digital floorplans provided with every appraisal.

Commercial Appraisal

ProLogic Valuation offers commercial appraisal services in North Georgia, including secondary markets. Their expertise spans various property types, including institutional and special use properties. They've appraised unique assets like scuba diving schools, wedding venues, manufacturing facilities, dealerships, and more. Their agile valuation process allows for expedited report delivery, enabling clients to make swift, informed decisions. Rush commercial orders can be completed within one week (5 days).

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Business Valuations

ProLogic Valuation offers comprehensive business appraisal services tailored to meet the needs of diverse industries and business sizes. Their experienced appraisers provide accurate valuations for various purposes, including mergers and acquisitions, financial reporting, tax planning, and litigation support. They employ industry-standard methodologies and stay up-to-date with market trends to deliver reliable and defensible business valuations.

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Litigation Services

ProLogic Valuation specializes in litigation support services, providing expert witness testimony, litigation consulting, and valuation services for legal matters. They assist clients in navigating complex financial and property-related disputes, offering comprehensive expertise in diverse valuation scenarios such as marital dissolution, estate planning, and bankruptcy. Their commitment to delivering accurate and defensible valuations makes them a valuable resource for attorneys and clients throughout the litigation process.

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Market Reports

ProLogic Valuation provides comprehensive market reports that analyze real estate trends and conditions in Georgia, Florida, and Colorado. These reports offer valuable insights into property values, market activity, and emerging patterns, empowering clients with the information they need to make informed investment and decision-making processes.

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